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This is a playground only for testing features and functionality of the Wiki System. Everything “documented” here can easily got lost! You've been warned!

A simple page name is myPage

Page Names

Here i try to figure out how this wiki works with special names like these:

my personal ToDo?


Playground (?StartWithQuestionMark, starts with a question mark)

Double??Question_?_Mark (Double??Question_?_.Mark)

More Tests


  • all capital letters are converted to their corresponding small sized letter
  • multiple underlines (_) are concatenated to a single underline
  • everything after a question mark (?) is cut off
  • pages always starts and ends with an alphanumeric character, anything else before the first or after the last alnum char is cut off
  • double dots (.) are allowed

To check

  • what happenß to german Ümläuts (and any other non US ASCII characters)?